Overseas Recruitment

Our dedicated recruitment team is focused on helping organizations protect and enhance their profitability by effectively managing and reducing the on-going expenses inherent in day to day operations. Our strategy includes recruiting new employees based on talent that aligns with the organization’s core values, culture, mission, and vision. We have a comprehensive database of qualified candidates who are screened thoroughly according to your requirements so that you can find an outstanding individual fit for your organization.

We ensure that the applicant matches with the job profile, keeping in mind the client organization. We make sure that the applicant is not just ‘right fit’ but is a ‘perfect fit’ for their organization. All short listed candidates are again contacted by us and sent for trade tests (wherever required). If the client desires to interview them personally, it is arranged through video calls or telephone for the client convenience.

Documents required, the following original documents are required for any recruitment from india:

  • Demand letter
  • Power of attorney
  • Commercial registration copy
  • Employment agreement paper
  • Documents required (Saudi Arabia)
  • Visa slip
  • Consulate authorization letter (Vakkala)